Are you determined to exercise, but head to the gym and only walk or use the elliptical because you’re not sure what else to do?

Do you want to lift weights, but aren’t sure how to use the machines or what to do with dumbbells?

Do you get tired of doing the same old exercises, and wish you could vary your routine?

Have you hit a weight loss plateau?

Gym memberships can be expensive, and the additional cost of a personal trainer soon adds up. Dr. Mikhaila is a personal trainer offering virtual personal training for those that need extra motivation at the gym or even a checklist of exercises to complete daily. Dr. Mikhaila is a fully qualified personal trainer who can prepare an exercise program for you based on what you want to achieve, whether it be weight loss, strength, or endurance, as well as a personalized eating plan.

Once you tell her:

She will custom design an exercise program and eating plan that are right for you. Best of all, it’s delivered right to your email inbox!

Motivation and encouragement are frequently sent via text messages, emails, and phone calls. You’ll be expected to send back your results regularly so that changes may be made to your plans as you progress toward your goals.

Offered as a monthly subscription, you will receive daily workout plans and a daily dietary regime as well as frequent support and feedback.

Let’s start today!