Facial and Body Waxing:

Brow: $14

Lip: $10

Chin: $10

Nose/Ears: $10

Full Face: $30

Underarm: $30

Half Arm: $30

Full Arm: $40

Half Leg: $45

Full Leg: $60

Bikini: $50

Brazilian: $70

Brazilian Maintenance:

3 weeks: $35

4 weeks: $45

5 weeks: $55
(Anything past the 6-week mark will be counted as a full Brazilian wax.)

Full Back: $55

Lower Back Only: $30

Full Chest: $55


Choose from one of the four customized facial lines and then choose between either a Breathe Easy facial or a Deluxe Spa facial

Ultra Calming: This facial is targeted toward someone with sensitive skin, redness on their skin or medicated skin. The ultra calming line of products leaves your skin feeling light and refreshed without the fear of having a reaction to harsher products. Flower and fruit extracts help calm and soothe your skin and it also has no artificial fragrances or colors.

Clearing Skin: This facial is targeted toward someone with acne prone skin, clogged pores or stubborn blackheads. The clearing skin line of products helps control and prevent future breakouts, while still improving your skin’s overall health. Plant and root extracts, alongside encapsulated salicylic acid and tea tree oil, help stimulate to clear clogged pores and leave your skin looking healthy and balanced without paragons or synthetic fragrances.

Anti-Aging: This facial is targeted toward someone who wants to keep their skin looking young and supple or to help diminish some beginning stages of aging skin. The anti-aging line pumps vitamins and antioxidants back into the skin, increases skins’ resilience, removes dulling surface debris to help accelerate cell turnover and helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamins A, C and E are used in this line, alongside lactic acid, but no artificial fragrances or colors.

Resurface and Renew: This facial is targeted toward someone who may have duller looking skin, some sun or acne spots or just want to brighten up and replenish their skins’ overall health. Similar to the qualities of the anti-aging line, the resurfacing line helps diminish the look of dulling skin, helps slough off dead skin cells to help cell turnover, and leaves skin feeling fresh, new and supple. Citrus, aloe and root extracts help resurface and renew your skin without the use of artificial fragrances and colors.

Breathe Easy Facials: $50 (45 min)
Your skin will feel like new with my double cleansing method, exfoliant to help slough away dead skin cells, customized mask, facial/shoulder massage, toner and moisturizer, all customized to your skin needs! Facial also includes the use of a steamer, hot towels, and a hand treatment.

Deluxe Spa Facials: $65 (60 min)
Ready to really treat your skin? This facial includes all of the same stunning things as the Breathe Easy facial, but also includes the use of an enzyme therapy exfoliant to really give your skin a fresh start, extractions (if desired), and a scalp massage.

Other Services:

Body Treatments: $60 (55 min)
Take a deep breath and unwind with this 55 min exfoliation massage treatment on your arms, legs, back and chest. Choose from either the triple moisture scent treatment or pink Himalayan sea salt scent treatment. Both treatments include a deep exfoliation with an essential oil and scrub mixture, taken off by a soothing hot towel, and then a moisturizer massaged into the skin. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and renewed.

Customized Back Facials: $55 (45 min)
Combine a Breathe Easy facial, and one of the four facial lines, but it’s on your back... that’s a back facial! If you struggle with back acne, clogged pores on your back, or just want a relaxing service, this is for you!

Customized Chemical Peels: $65 (30 min)
Don’t let the name of the service scare you off! A chemical peel is a chemical exfoliant technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the skin. It can help improve acne scarring, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, and bring dull skin back to life. It is intended to remove the outermost layers of skin, hence “peel” in the name. Most people don’t actually peel, but they might see their skin flake just a little bit. Make sure to wear your SPF and stay out of the sun for 48 hours after this service.

Add-On Services:

Collagen Neck Lift: $15
Enjoy a collagen neck mask to help firm and tighten your skin. Helps soothe and hydrate skin with collagen, milk protein and honey.

Glowing Under Eye Treatment: $12
This eye mask moisturizes and hydrates the eye area while firming and tightening as well. Made with collagen, milk protein and honey.

Nourishing Lip Treatment: $12
A sea salt lip scrub is used to slough off dead skin cells, followed by the renewal lip complex balm to moisturizer and restore, and to infuse lips with blends of avocado oils and Shea and cocoa seed butters.

Hand Treatment: $10
This relaxing hand treatment includes a hand scrub to soften the hand’s skin, then finished off with a moisturizer, leaving hands feeling soft and supple.

Foot Treatment: $10
This amazing foot treatment includes a scrub to slough off calluses and dead skin cells, then finished off with a moisturizer, leaving your feet feeling like a baby’s bottom!

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