Release Trapped Emotions with Sound Therapy and Emotion Code!

A trapped emotion is an unprocessed emotion from a past negative event. They are balls of energy which get lodged inside the body aggravating your tissues. Often, we have inherited trapped emotions that have been passed down from parents or older ancestors. For example, they could be a mother's unprocessed emotions during pregnancy that was shared with her child.

Trapped emotions can block people from love and happiness as well as result in feeling disconnected from others. Trapped emotions can also cause a variety of ailments that are physical, emotional, or mental. They have been implicated in many diseases. By releasing trapped, negative emotions we can help to create more ideal conditions for the body to heal physically.


Sound Frequency Therapy

Sound frequency therapy is a technique and the key to your success and happiness. Our results are positive, effective, fast, safe, and non-invasive. Our actions are primarily controlled by unconscious beliefs that are mostly passed down through generations. We are not consciously aware of these beliefs and are led to believe that our actions are normal. When you act from your true self you are in power and have control over your life. When you act in your primal nature you live in fear and act out of instinct, even when it is inappropriate. When acting within your primal nature you are easily controlled by those who know how to push your buttons. You are stuck and overwhelmed by the events and people around you. Counseling can sometimes suppress your emotions, but you remain a slave, having to struggle and suffer because the underlying issue is still in charge of how you react and feel. We use your thoughts along with proprietary sound frequencies to permanently remove the negative emotions. These are the causes behind the stories and events that rule your life. Though it may sound unbelievable the results are almost 100% effective. The freedom you experience is remarkable in itself, but more importantly you find that you are in control of your emotions. You are more focused and clearer thinking. You are the person you always wanted to be. People around you start treating you with more respect and usually stop trying to control you all together. Positive things start flowing to you and you begin to feel peace, joy, and abundance as your true reality.

Emotion Code

As parents we have heard about, or observed firsthand, that children from the same parents can exhibit different characteristics. These may include differences in behavior, learning ability, artistic talent, and athletic ability. Besides genetics and other important factors, trapped emotions could quite possibly play a role in these variations.

The experience of an intense emotion in our lives does not necessarily have a long-term effect on us. The emotion comes and goes as we process it. However, there are periods when the intense emotion may remain in our body. This energy could take form of an energy ball which, according to Emotion Code this is called a “Trapped Emotion”.

The majority of the trapped emotional energies in our energetic system were collected on our own; that is, they are likely created when we do not fully process emotional events in our lives. At the same time, we may have Trapped Emotions that we acquire from people around us or inherited from our ancestors.

Releasing inherited Trapped Emotions for our kids could have an effect on our relationship with our parents. The Trapped Emotions we find and release from our child might have come from several generations and could be present in our parents’ bodies as well. When we release a Trapped Emotion passed on to our son or daughter through our mother or father, and later through us, it can be released from us and from our parents in a similar way.

We can also test for Trapped Emotions in our children’s bodies that were acquired from other people. This may have occurred when they were in the womb. Usually, these are the mother’s emotions felt during pregnancy, although sometimes they can come from the father or even from somebody else living with the family at the time (like a grandmother, grandfather, or sibling). Although during these releases the acquired Trapped Emotions are not released from the person’s body from which they came, they can be recognized and identified, and may then be released from that person. Sometimes the recognition, accompanied by an “Aha” effect can result in the release of a Trapped Emotion. The release we are facilitating for our children provides an opportunity to deal with our own emotions. Discussing them with our spouse or other people involved may have an effect on our family relationships.

Last but not least, it’s important to recognize our childrens’ potential Trapped Emotions that they might collect during school, family events, or any other occasion in their lives. These Trapped Emotions may have an effect on their behavior, possibly leading to learning difficulties and family relationship issues. If allowed to fester, those issues have the potential to become a burden on the relationship between the parents themselves.

Sometimes the other siblings will receive less care and attention from the parents as a difficult child dominates parental attention. Releasing the Trapped Emotions of this child could help bring balance and calmness in the child’s life. This could benefit not just the relationship of the parents, but the whole family making it a worthwhile investment in family relationship dynamics.


Individual Sessions:

Sound Frequency Session (approximately 2 hours): $87.00

Using muscle testing to identify trapped emotions, locate where in the body that they are trapped, and determine what sound frequency will be needed to release the emotion.

Sound Frequency Session with Emotion Code (approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes) $174.00

We will identify trapped emotions, releasing them using specific sound frequencies, then use emotion code to release any imbalances from the governing meridian.

Emotion Code Session (approximately 40 minutes): $87.00

We use muscle testing to find imbalances within the body and release them from the governing meridian. When your body is not balanced You may experience physical or emotional pain.

Smoking (approximately 4 hours): $350.00


Sound Frequency (total of 3 sessions): $241.00

Sound Frequency with Emotion Code (total of 6 sessions): $497.00

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