Are you experiencing pain?
If you are reading this, it is likely that either you or someone you care about is living with pain. I am so glad that you have found me. It brings me great joy to be able to share with you a little bit about fascia and to help you understand why traditional medicine, massage, and medication have not been effective.

No matter what the cause of this pain is, the fact is that it is REAL and affecting you or your loved ones. It is likely the pain is not allowing you to live life to its fullest. Pain not only affects us physically, but emotionally as well. It can be an excruciating, vicious cycle that without the proper treatment never ends.

Pain can be triggered from trauma, an inflammatory response, and stress to name a few. Every day we are faced with many stressors causing injury to our mind and body including trying to find that balance between work and home life, sitting at a desk or in a vehicle all day, and manual labor. Life takes its toll on us emotionally and physically.

Pain Relief through Myofascial Release

An effective method of pain management and treatment is Myofascial Release. It is unlike traditional medicine in that it treats the cause of the pain, not the symptoms. As a result, you will have long-lasting relief of your symptoms. Refer to the testimonials on my webpage at for living proof.

Myofascial release treats the fascia. As described by John Barnes, P.T., the fascia is one continuous structure that goes from your head to your toes. It covers every muscle, bone, nerve, vein, and internal organ. Mr. Barnes compares the fascia to a loose yarn on a sweater as it is one continuous structure. Any insult in one area will affect it in many other locations in your body.

In a healthy state our fascia is relaxed but provides support throughout. However, when trauma and stress occur, it causes the fascia to lose its flexibility. Since it is one continuous structure you can now understand how an injury on one area can affect many structures. This restriction is what is exhibited by the body in the form of pain.

I feel very fortunate to be trained in this treatment and have changed many lives through my skills. This technique has proved successful for decades all over the world and is finally gaining recognition in the Midwest. You will be hearing more about it from your physicians, neighbors, co-workers, and friends as more local clinicians become trained.

Seek Pain Relief Today!

Myofascial Release is like no other technique that you have previously experienced. Unlike a "traditional massage" that you would get when you are having pain or need something to help you RELAX or RID you of your pain with deep pressure, digging, and kneading, this technique uses a very light touch. As your tissue responds to the light, sustained pressure, it will melt like butter and my hands will glide over your skin.

A majority of my clients will experience heat - an internal warmth when your tissue "RELEASES". Many clients also report an overall feeling of relaxation with the muscles feeling looser and extremities feeling lighter. Most will report pain reduction or total relief before leaving the clinic. The sensations that you feel during the treatment can vary and we will discuss these in more detail in-person.

Each Myofascial Release session is customized to you and your needs. The treatment is completed skin on skin so wear or bring shorts, a tank or loose-fitting clothing to allow me to get to the area. For your comfort, I also have gowns available.

Together we can make a difference; no one deserves to live in pain. Please reach out to me with any questions or for additional dates and times. I will do my best to meet your scheduling needs. Click here to schedule your appointment now.


Level 1 Evaluation: $50 for 1 hour
Level 1 evaluation is for patients that have sustained a recent injury and only a single site will be treated.

Level 2 Evaluation: $75 for 1.5 hours
Level 2 evaluation is for patients that experience chronic pain and/or need more than one site to be treated.

Follow Up: $35-$45 for 30 to 45 minutes
After the initial evaluation we will discuss the appropriate time for a follow up visit. Follow up visits will take place as needed with the time and price varying based on the severity of injury and pain.

Gift certificates are available upon request.