At 920 Wellness Studio, our practitioners have a whole body approach to health. Your health is multi-faceted, and our goal is to treat symptoms, conditions, and diseases by identifying and treating the underlying causes. We rely on science, advanced laboratory testing, and a holistic medicine approach to treat everything from common headaches to serious chronic diseases. We believe collaboration and multiple approaches will help you become a healthier person. Your suggested treatments may include chiropractic care, diet modification, lifestyle changes, high quality nutritional supplements, and genetic testing. We treat you as a whole person, not just your pain. You are unique, and will receive a unique treatment plan designed for what is best for your body and lifestyle.

92 "oh" is pronounced with the distinctive Wisconsin accent. We are proud to be a local business; in fact, 92 "oh" is the area code for the Fox Cities. The Wellness Studio is an umbrella term for the multiple services we offer. We believe that health is multifaceted and we believe in a whole body approach, offering a one-stop shop for you to relax and experience multiple avenues of health.

Help! I’m outside your area!

Fortunately, today’s technology allows us to treat patients across the country via phone and video chat. If testing is needed, many lab tests can be collected
at your home and mailed to the testing center via Fed-ex or UPS pickup service. (Some lab tests do require a professional, which can easily be arranged at a facility near your home.) Supplements ar easily ordered online and shipped directly to your home. Don’t let your location stop you from calling us today!