It takes all components of your life to be balanced to make a sustainable health change…I’m ready if you are!


A six-session program exploring all areas of your health, including:

All of these areas are extremely important and so closely connected. Find a healthier, happier you and inquire about a FREE consultation.

Program cost: $300 (Includes 25% off all spa services with Allison. Spa services include facials, lash lift and tint, brow tinting, dermaplaning, and body scrubs. Click here for more information.)

I am so blessed to work with Allison as my health and wellness coach. Allison has helped me to really understand what a “healthy”lifestyle means. She didn’t have me counting calories or doing crazy workouts.She taught me how to eat to fuel my body to do the things I love to do...mostly playing with my three very active boys. Allison researched my thyroid issues and gave me suggestions that really worked. I feel SO great because of the food choices I am making that are right for me. Additionally, I have lost 10 pounds. More importantly, I have stopped all the negative self-talk I was doing when I wasn’t making healthy choices.And, the very best result of my work with Allison is that I am making healthy choices for my family. She took me to the grocery store and showed me what to look for on the labels, and now my husband and children are eating healthy with me. Allison really cares about me, listens to me, celebrates with me, and keeps me focused on what’s important. --StacieWeber