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Complementary Health Consult:

With all the conflicting information out there regarding gut health, it can be overwhelming! Schedule a complementary health consultation with me. We will review your health history as well as your health goals. Learn about the testing I offer as well as the 6-Month Gut Healing Program to heal your gut and restore your health. The consult takes 45-60 minutes and can be done in the office or over the phone. Could one conversation change your life? Click here to book your appointment! Don't see a time that works for you? Please e-mail me at!

6-Month Gut Healing Program:

Did you know that nearly 80% of diseases can be traced back to the gut? Our gut is our largest sensory organ and is responsible for our immunity, hormone regulation, weight, blood sugar regulation, mental health, and so much more! More than likely the symptoms you are experiencing can be reduced or eliminated through healing your gut.

In the 6-Month Gut Healing Program, we meet approximately every other week for a total of 12 sessions. We will gradually go through an individualized gut protocol focusing first on eliminating food triggers and reducing inflammation. From there, you will receive nutraceutical supplementation recommendations to help start repairing the gut.

Healing takes time and having a functional health coach will help you stay on track. Together, we will formulate goals and come up with an action plan for you to meet your goals. You will have access to an online portal where you will be able to view session notes, schedule sessions, utilize various journals where you can track things such as food, mood, sleep, exercise, water consumption, etc. I will help you with recipes and meal planning so that you can maximize your potential. I am available to you via email in between sessions to answer questions, offer support and keep you accountable.

Additionally, you will receive educational handouts throughout your program, and I throw in some giveaways along the way to celebrate your progress. Also included, but totally optional, is a grocery store tour or a pantry takeover in the privacy of your own home. Being healthy does not have to be complicated. Let me help you heal your gut and restore your health! Schedule a free health consult to get started. Click here to book your appointment!

Food Sensitivity Testing:

Eating the right foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, fish, and poultry may be wrong for you! Why? Because you may be sensitive to some of these foods, and they could be the cause of your symptoms. Purchase a food sensitivity test and find out what foods your body is reacting to. I offer 5 different food sensitivity tests. Click here to learn more and to purchase a kit.

BiomeFx Stool Testing:

BiomeFx helps you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your microbiome and how to make improvements. BiomeFx is a Functional Microbiome Analysis that measures the balance of pathogens (potentially harmful microbes) and beneficial microbes that make up your microbiome, and how your microbiome compares the U.S. healthy population. It also reports the potential functions of microbes to better understand how your microbiome could be impacting your symptoms and health concerns.

With each finding, you are provided with nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations that you can immediately implement to improve the balance of microbes in your microbiome. The health of your microbiome can be affected by certain medications, stress, sleep disturbances, poor diet, environmental toxins, alcohol use, cigarettes, and more. If you have any of the risk factors of developing leaky gut, or if you think you have symptoms or health conditions that might be rooted in the gut, BiomeFx can provide insight into the inner workings of your microbiome along with practical recommendations to help you restore balance.

BiomeFx uses whole genome sequencing, the most accurate technology to date, to measure microbes and over 20 functions from a single stool sample. With the information provided in your results, you will have a better understanding of your microbiome, how it might be impacting your symptoms, and how to improve the balance of your microbes to optimize health and wellness. Click here to purchase a kit.